Hello there everyone! So, I love reading books and would love to be a book reviewer of your lovely book. Below I have came up with a few questions and answers to what type of book reviews I am available to do and also how my book reviews would be displayed. Contact me if you have any other questions concerning a book review at thediversereader@gmail.com.

  • What do I require for the review besides your book?  

  1. The Book Title

  2. The Publisher

  3. The Publication Date

  4. A short synopsis of the novel or poetry book theme.

  5. Links where readers can find you and follow you.

  • What book genres do I accept? I will review Poetry, Adult Fiction (including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Historical), Young Adult (Fiction), Independent or Self Published Books and Contemporary.

  • What book genres do I not accept? I will not review any Poetry ChapBooks, Religious Books, Spirituality Books, Art Books, Self-help Books, Biographies, Non-Fiction, Books that are not yet finished, and Cook Books.

  • What formats of books do I accept? I accept physical final copies, physical advanced reader copies and e-books fit for a Kindle.

  • What formats of books do I not accept? I do not accept PDF or DOC files.

  • If your book fits the requirements does that guarantee a book review? Not necessarily, I do reserve the right to deny any book reviews due to my level of interest, my personal schedule, or the topic of the book.  

  • How long does it take to get a response from me about a book review? I will response to an email with 72 hours about a potential book review.

  • How long does it take to review your book? It depends on when I receive the book and my personal schedule. Book reviews can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to produce.

  • Where does someone send their book to if not through email? I have P.O. Box but nothing should be sent there until we have an agreement on doing a book review.

If there are any other questions that you would like for me to answer or believe you want me to be your book reviewer just send me an email to thediversereader@gmail.com. I will be giving honest reviews and giving my true thoughts about the book I will be receiving. I do not ask for commission for the book reviews I produce but if you would like to donate you can send the donates to: paypal.me/thediversereader. On that note, donations are not mean’t for automatic positive reviews of a book but to keep my blog growing and being able to grab a cup of tea or a new book. Thank you for considering me for a book review!