Book Goals For 2019.

The Diverse Reader Book Goals For 2019 Blog Post

It is officially 2019 and I am so excited to see what reading is going to be like for this year. Last year, was a good year of reading but I am hoping to have a great year of reading for 2019. I have already made the decision to change my reading pattern by reading only one book a week but also sticking with my books from my personal bookshelf that I have not read. Last year was a rollarcoaster of reading for me because I took a huge break from reading for around three months. I ended up coming back to reading and ended up becoming a reading addict. But, enough about last year. I wanted to mention my book goals for 2019 and keep this post pretty short!

Book Challenge:

I plan on participating in the 10 Book To Film Challenge hosted by Ynobe Reads (click here for the Instagram challenge). This challenge is a yearly challenge where you read 10 books that were adapted into movies. I already have an idea of the books that I plan on reading which I most likely talk about in a future post.

Goodreads Challenge:

Last year, my goal was to read 52 books and I decided to remain with that same goal. I want to read one book a week to actually keep myself on a reading schedule and not overwhelm myself or fall into a slump of some sorts. I might go over 52 books but I have no idea if I will. I just want to focus on quality over quantity and enjoy reading. There are so many books that I want to devour but I also want to take my time reading them.

Book Buying Ban

I plan on focusing on the books that I already own and seeing if I actually enjoy them. I have over 30 books that I need to read on my bookshelf and think that 2019 is the year to accomplish that. Some of my books are by People Of Color and some aren’t which means that some will have reviews on my blog in the future. Each one of my books I bought for a particular reason and if you want to see my reviews on each one of these books definitely follow my Goodreads.

Bullet Journaling / Book Journaling

I have always wanted to have a journal full of ideas, memories and planning. So, this year I plan on getting into bullet journaling but also incorporating books. I want to write mini reviews and keep up with books that I loved while also planning my days and future. Book journaling seems like a calm way to relax and organize your book journey. I will be creating youtube videos and posting them on this blog as well!

What are your reading goals for 2019?

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