Long Way Down By Jason Reynolds.

The Diverse Reader Long Way Down By Jason Reynolds Book Review

Title: Long Way Down

Author: Jason Reynolds

Genre: Teen Fiction

Published: October 24, 2017

Publisher: Atheneum

Total Pages: 306 pages

Synopsis: Will just lost his brother Shawn to violence and remembers the rules of the hood.

  1. Don’t Cry.

  2. Don’t Snitch.

  3. Get Revenge On The Person That Kill Someone You Cared About.

He must decide what is going to be the best move to get revenge for his brother’s death. But, the day he makes a decision he takes an elevator that takes longer than usual.

I have read from this author a few times but when I was recommended this book — you already know that I had to grab it from the library. I was told that this book needs to spoken about because it was just that good. I went over to my library, put it on hold and waited patiently for it to become available. Below I discussed this book more in detail.

Favorite line:

“People always love people more when they are dead.”

My thoughts:

I don’t even know where to start with this review but I think the best way is by saying that I am glad that I read this novel. It was unique in a sense of the style of writing being free verse poetry and a novel at the same time. The author was able to make me feel connected to the story because it was an emotional read told in first person. The main character Will had an impactful event: his brother dying and it left him wanting answers and specifically revenge. He became fixated on killing the person that killed his brother but to have this awaken a new path of meeting people on an elevator that teaches him something made this story even more intense. I enjoyed this book because it was a real encounter that I could see someone going through as far as getting revenge for the death of someone you care about in some neighborhoods. The story was real, relatable and keeps the reading wanting more.

I did not feel like there were any aspects missed in this book because the writer kept the audience on their toes in every page. The context of this book where it follows Will going down an elevator meeting people made the story very unique because the reader was like a fly on wall watching how the story unfolded. The main character was someone that you could feel bad for and sympathize with because of how he voices his emotions. Reynolds did an excellent job speaking as if the character was someone that was real and there is someone that is living this experience right now. I want to own this book because the story left me speechless from beginning to end. I could not put the book down and thought that the book would give me many lessons in the future. The book could impact you as well and make you analyze decisions you make in your daily life but also understand what is happening everyday in certain neighborhoods.

**Inside information: I have been researching that this book will be turned into a movie adaption possibly. I will definitely be doing a post about the book to movie adaption review in the future if the movie adaption happens in the future.

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