The Road of Us By Sarah Maamari.

The Diverse Reader The Road Of Us By Sarah Maamari Book Review

Title: The Road Of Us

Author: Sarah Maamari

Genre: Poetry

Published: March 21, 2018

Publisher: Sarah Maamari

Total Pages: 340 pages

Topics Include: Love, Heartache, Growth

Amazon Synopsis: Sarah Maamari's debut poetry book deals with first intimacy experiences, emotional abuse, trauma, survival, and how love can change a person, for the worst or for the better. Each chapter serves a different story. Each chapter is set in a different time. But all chapters lead to the road of surviving the impossible. Sometimes love can be magical, and out of this world, but can lead to nowhere. This is the road of us.

I was given a chance to read a new and upcoming author's book called The Road Of Us by Sarah Maamari. It took me a few days to finish the book but days were needed to digest this book. The topics discussed were passionate and emotional. I was able to understand more of what others go through when they are dealt with a tough situation: a toxic relationship

Favorite Poem: Colorless

I have colored your life
turned it beautiful
instead of black and white.

why do you choose to
take the brush of my love
and erase my colors
with your colorless personality?

My thoughts: 

I love reading poetry books and The Road Of Us made me realize why I love them in the first place. I was feeling anxious while reading this book and my poetry addiction was satisfied because of how much poetry was in this book. Imagine over 300 pages of poetry at your finger tips. I felt like I was digging deeper into what pain was like in a toxic relationship.

I was given the diary of a person that went through heartbreak in this poetry book. The author poured her heart out on her blank sheets of paper and turned it into a poetry book.

I was glad to have read this book because of the author telling me a story. Her story. This poetry book is very unique because she incorporated poetry and small chapters to compliment each-other. I usually don't see that in poetry books where someone tells me a short story before giving me more poetry. It had a few grammatical errors but not enough to damage the book and it's narrative. The illustrations in the book were connecting and made the poems stronger as well.

While reading the poetry, I was learning more about the author as a person, the person she was in love with and the strength she found within herself after she let go of a relationship.  It seems to me that the author took her pain and turned it into art. Some of the poems did not connect to me and I felt were fit for a teen audience. There is a mixture of poems for teens and young adults. There are also explicit poems that were fit for an adult audience that I enjoyed.

Overall, there were poems that I admired for the richness of her words because of the pain she was going through. I admired her honesty, intensity and her emotions. It is rare when I have to keep taking photos on my IPad because there were many poems that hit me because of her imagery and words. She made sure to give the audience the severe emotions she was feeling with this relationship. This book will gladly stay on my kindle.

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