Roses By Moonlight By Nicola Mar.

The Diverse Reader Roses By Moonlight By Nicola Mar Book Review

Title: Roses By Moonlight

Author: Nicola Mar

Genre: Poetry

Published: June 22, 2018

Publisher: FoxDay

Total Pages: 253 pages

Topics Include: Self-worth, self-understanding, growth and self-discovery. 

Amazon Synopsis: In Roses by Moonlight, Nicola Mar's poetry celebrates human emotions in their rawest form and inspires readers to live with their imperfections and the imperfections of others. Always connecting her love of nature with poetry, Nicola Mar attempts to reconcile the nostalgic feeling of peace with our modern day angst. Roses by Moonlight inspires us all to bloom, even in our darkest hours.

I received Roses By Moonlight as a gift from the author Nicola Mar. I instantly loved the cover and couldn't wait to dive into this book. Nicola Mar's book Roses By Moonlight was unique and showcased a piece of the author. I was able to enjoy this book with some soft music and candles while relaxing on my sofa -- that is the type of mood this book put me in.

My favorite poem: 

The silence can be a beautiful space
if you're willing
to hear the words it whispers.

pg. 218

My thoughts: 

I was able to finish Roses By Moonlight in approximately in two days. I enjoyed the comfort and forwardness of the book. I was given poems from different ideas and storylines. There were short and lengthy poems which I feel like people in a different space can relate to.

Some of the poetry did linger in my mind after reading them but not all of the poems because of my state of mind right now (i.e. I have not recently gone through a break-up). But, also some of the poems were just statements to me and not something that I could grasp. I thought that the author was able to make me think with some poems and get straight to the point with others. Her tone and ideas were constant while reading her poetry.

I felt different emotions while reading this book — which means that she definitely knows how to write poetry. I felt that the author was able to get her point across with her language and poems. Some of her poems I had to reread because it was just that well written. But, some of the poems I grazed through but they could be relatable to someone else. That's the great thing about poetry where if I was in a different state of mind the poems could have resonated with me differently.

I appreciated the poems that were given to me as a reader because overall the book did make me wonder about growing more internally. I am glad that I have this in my ebook collection because in the future I can come back and feel something completely different. Overall, I enjoyed this poetry and was able to have her poems resonate with me. 

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