Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King By Monk Inyang.

The Diverse Reader Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King By Monk Inyang Book Review

Title: Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King

Author: Monk Inyang

Genre: Middle Zone Fiction

Published: September 17, 2018

Publisher: Suntext Publishing

Total Pages: 222 pages

Topics Include: Crime, Friendship, and more.

Amazon Synopsis: Uko Hill is a twelve year old black boy in Newark suffering from the same nightmare every night - an army of terrifying skeletons breaking into his home and destroying everything. He's given up hope of ever having normal sleep until one night, in the middle of his nightmare, he meets Toni. She's part of a group called the Nightmare Detectives - a trained squad of middle schoolers that can jump into the nightmares of other kids and help stop them for good.

Monk Inyang asked me to review his book Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King. Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King focuses on a young black boy named Uko that is suffering from nightmares but that all changes when he meets a young girl named Toni. Uko life changes when he joins a group called The Nightmare Detectives and goes on a new path of fighting crime.

My thoughts:

Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King By Monk Inyang is a book that follows Uko Hill and his life full of nightmares every night. After, Uko meets Toni, his life changes forever. Toni is part of a group called The Nightmare Detectives where they jump into the nightmares of other kids and help stop the nightmares from happening again. Overall, I enjoyed the book because the plot was intriguing and kept me captivated on every page. I was able to picture myself as Uko Hill and what he was going through with his nightmares but also by joining the detective group. The story was fast paced and flowed in a way that made you have nostalgia and feel like a kid again. The plot was creative because it brought kids into another world and making kids the heroes while facing anything that life throws their way.

Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King is written for a middle school age group but it can be enjoyable for anyone. The book gives lessons and ideas that can be relatable to any age group. The writing style of the book was able to get any reader to want to find out what happens at the end while having illustrations. The illustrations were able to capture the moment being written. The characters were well developed and what I admired the most is that the characters were people of color. The book itself is full of twist and turns because of the plot but the diversity stood out and made you picture yourself as one of the characters — it was refreshing. The book is something that I wish I had at a younger age because of the diversity, plot and characters.

Overall, Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton King is something that I think any middle schooler would enjoy and can relate to. I am glad that I was asked to give a review on this book and read about Uko Hill. I plan on rereading this book in the future and living as a Nightmare detective.

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