Pulse By Vino Venitas.

The Diverse Reader Pulse By Vino X Anntidote Book Review

Title: Pulse

Author: Vino Venitas

Illustrated: Anntidote

Genre: Poetry

Published: September 27, 2018

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Total Pages: 46 pages

Topics Include: Love, Loss, Self Growth

Amazon Synopsis: Two poets pen the passionate pulsations of the heart. Feel each throbbing experience roused by love, loss, finding one’s self, acceptance and the desire to move on. Their art and poetry harvests the highlights of the human condition.

I received Pulse from the author Vino Venitas. Vino Venitas is a spoken word poet that put his poems in a short poetry book that speaks on love loss, self-reflection, acceptance and self worth. This poetry book is written alongside art created by the artist Anntidote where the art is the visual of the poetry. Pulse is a poetry book digging beneath the surface and speak on topics of the human condition.

My favorite poem:

“I rise in the mornings

to meander for meaning

to birth a sense of self

from the www

what would I do without it?

I beg for blue ticks and blushing hearts

whoring the waves of praise

I veil myself with filters

trending tints that titillate

an intangible society

but I am tired, so tired

of styling my form to fit in

a mould not of my making

but mass-produced mimicry.”

My thoughts:

Pulse is a poetry book written by Vino Venitas and illustrated by Anntidote. This is my first time reading poetry by Vino Venitas and I have been introduced to an unique style of poetry. Venitas spoke in a modern creative language about topics of love, loss, and self. The poems had my mind thinking as I was reading the poetry. I enjoyed the majority of the poetry because it was giving me a thought provoking way of looking at love, society and myself. The poems were lengthy and broken down into chapters for the reader including an Intro and Outro, which were shorter than the chapter poems.

The Intro and Outro poems of the chapters gave the reader an idea of what would come in the chapters and the next chapter. My favorite poetry from this collection spoke about self exploration, self acceptance and self reflection. I was able to think about the routines I do, how other’s opinions can sometimes impact you and noticing how society wants everyone to be the same in a way. Venitas’ spoke on deep topics and opened up about his own inner thoughts as well. The poetry gave me a sense of advice, letter writing from the poet and modern spoken poems that adults can relate to.

There were only a handful of lines where it was confusing to poem being read. For example, some of the poems ended in a different way than how majority of the poem was written — maybe another reader could see something different. But, overall, the poetry was creative and kept me engaged while reading. It was refreshing to read poetry that was creative and displayed hand painted illustrations.

I personally did not connect to some of the illustrations but I do think that adding the illustrations to the poetry was a creative touch and unique. I was curious to read more of the poetry considering this book was short but I think this book being short was not a problem but made the poems stronger. I could picture the poet reading the poems in a spoken word tone as I was reading and gave me the mindset of being in a coffee shop listening to someone give a different take to poetry. If I had the chance I would read more of Venitas’ poetry again.

You can find this book at: https://amzn.to/2JKsquA

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