The Longest Night By Ranata Suzuki.

The Diverse Reader The Longest Night By Ranata Suzuki Book Review

Title: The Longest Night

Author: Ranata Suzuki

Genre: Poetry

Published: August 24, 2018

Publisher: Self Published

Total Pages: 184 pages

Topics Include: Growth, Love Loss, Self Reflection

Amazon Synopsis: Heartbreak and grief touch every soul at least once in a lifetime and Ranata Suzuki translates those raw emotions into words. The Longest Night combines strikingly poignant quotations, powerfully emotive poetry and captivating silhouette imagery to form a mournful lover's journal that explores a side of love that is deep, dark and hauntingly beautiful.

Ranata Suzuki contacted me one day to read her new poetry book called The Longest Night. The Longest Night is a collection of poetry about heartbreak and loss with a central theme of reflection. I have never read from this poet before and was given a chance to read a collection that that gives the poet a voice to speak about her emotional and dark thoughts for an audience to read.

My favorite poem: A Fairytale

“Every quote, every book, every film seemed to suggest that ‘one day’ someone would come into my life and love me with an intensity and a passion I had never experienced before. And to their credit they were right; it all came and went so fast, it really did feel as if it were just one day.”

My thoughts:

The Longest Night is a poetry book written by Ranata Suzuki, an anonymous poet that writes from her personal experiences. The poetry consists of five sections: A Parallel Universe, Sunset, Darkness, First Light & Addendum alongside a few illustrations. The poetry spoke about heartache, loss and closure from a specific relationship. Each poem tied into the idea of love, the consequences of love, healing of a heartache and the feeling of being in love. I was able to feel the pain of the poet through each poem and felt as if I was going through the heartache with the author because of the dark underlining meaning of most of the poems.

The tone of the book is modern but the most painful and emotional poetry book I have read in a very long time. I could sense her emotions whether they were reflective or being hurt by the consequences of the relationship. The poet chose the right words to convey how she was feeling and this book is the perfect gift that someone would enjoy if they were going through the ending of a relationship.

Even though I am not going through the exact experience, I still was able to understand what the poet was going through. The poems were lengthy and structured like a love note written to a past lover or diary entries. The Longest Night draws the reader in by speaking of the painful ending of a relationship then continues to reflects on that love, heartache and a sense of healing.

In the first half of the book, you will be able to get an idea of how the poet is affected by the breakup. After the first half of the book, I was still able to get the emotional journey of the poet but the poems started to sound similar to other poems from the first half of the book. I was effected by the poetry but it could have been a shorter book for me as a reader. Overall, I think someone that is going through a heartache can relate to this book.

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