My November Bookish Wrap-Up.

The Diverse Reader My November Bookish Wrap-Up 2018

This is my first time doing a monthly wrap up and I have to be honest with you all reading this: I have no idea how to speak about my monthly reads. I have tried to figure out the perfect way to write this post but I think I am going to keep wrap ups short because I want to get to the point of how my reading went. By the way, I plan on reviewing some of the books that I read this month but not all in the future.

I cannot believe tomorrow these are the last days of November. This month has went by incredibly fast and I am glad that I had the chance to accomplish quite a few things such as reading for leisure & buddy read, reading for reviews and supporting small businesses through Black Friday. I also got distracted by The L Word & Once Upon A Time on Netflix so my reading goal wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. I ended up branching out this month as far as authors and genres goes -- I went back in the past for a classic, read graphic novels and more.

These are the few books I ended up reading reading for November:
‣ Black History In Its Own Words By Ronald Wimberly.
‣ The Mother's By Brit Bennett.
‣ My Lesbian Experiences With Loneliness By Nagata Kabi.
‣ The Longest Night By Ranata Suzuki.
‣ Dog Songs By Mary Oliver.
‣ The Encyclopedia of Early Earth By Isabel Greenberg.
‣ Rad Girls By Kate Schatz.
‣ I am currently reading Uncle Tom's Cabin.

You can find my full review for Black History In Its Own Words By Ronald Wimberly by clicking: here. My detailed review for My Lesbian Experiences With Loneliness By Nagata Kabi is located: here. And you can find the full review for The Longest Night By Ranata Suzuki by clicking: here.

Dog Songs By Mary Oliver was a good book and very different because it was a poetry book about dogs. It was unique and actually fit the topic at hand. The Encyclopedia of Early Earth By Isabel Greenberg is a graphic novel about a story teller and how he falls in love with a woman on the opposite pole of where he lives. Rad Girls By Kate Schatz is a book about profound women throughout history that were badasses from different ages and time periods.

I enjoyed each one of these books because of the writing styles and plots. It was my first time reading each one of these author’s and I was not disappointed. I am currently reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Stowe and will be talking about this book in another wrap up post. I plan on writing a detailed review about The Mothers By Brit Bennett and having a video about it with a book club next month. So, definitely be on the lookout for that!

Reading was way slower than usual this month because I have been in a slump but going to other genres than my usual go-to has been beneficial. I didn’t read a couple of novels like I have planned on but I am proud to say that I didn’t let my reading slump take over this November. I have a few books in mind for December but I will let you know in a future wrap up what I was able to accomplish.

What did you end up reading for November?

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