Why Did I Join Bookstagram?

The Diverse Reader Why Did I Join Bookstagram? Blog Post

I remember the first time I came across Bookstagram. It was last summer in 2017 and I was thinking about books to discuss with others. I had noticed that there was an entire community just for book addicts like myself and that there was plenty of people in the world that enjoy discussing books. Bookstagram was an entirely new world for me and I was able to meet people from different walks of life and realize that there are plenty of people that shared one connection with me: love of books.

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What is Bookstagram?

Bookstagram is a community on Instagram for avid readers, book lovers, and book addicts — basically everything surrounding books. There are bookstagram accounts that are discussing book reviews, taking photos of books and/or connecting with others through virtual bookclubs.

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What made me join Bookstagram?

I joined bookstagram because I wanted to make my stamp on the Instagram platform by joining my love of books and beautiful photography into one feed. I wanted to make my Instagram into a feed that showed a piece of me that is diverse, captivating and thought provoking. I specifically wanted to talk about books by People of Color.

There are many People of Color authors that I wanted to read and talk about with others. I wanted my Instagram to speak about something bookish and thought that joining Bookstagram would be fun while giving me insight on new books or books that I never heard of it. I did not want a feed with random photos of my life but a special part of my life being books. Books have been my escape, safe element of my life and a way to me to feel more connected to others on a global aspect.

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What is the deal with my name?

I have changed my name a few times on Instagram especially within the Bookstagram community. I have been Isaly Holland, The Needed Girlfriend, Books & A Jean Jacket, and more. But, one name in particular has been a game changer for me: The Diverse Reader. The reason behind mentioning my name is because I am an avid reader but a diverse one. I tend to read anything that has a great plot, good writing, and a beautiful cover. I have to admit that my favorite genre is poetry but fiction and non fiction books will always have a special place in my heart.

When I came across bookstagram, I felt right at home in the Instagram community. I had found my bubble that makes me connect to others through social media. Honestly, I am not a big social media person but bookish feeds keep me on Instagram. Bookstagram is full of diverse readers and I am glad that I joined a community that gave me insight on books, a chance to meet people that have a love of books like myself, and showcase beautiful book photography. Bookstagram has been a good place for me to be surrounded by books and other avid readers. I plan on being around for awhile to spread my bookish voice and I thank Bookstagram for helping with that.

Why did you join Bookstagram?

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