My Solo Exchange Diary By Nagata Kabi.

The Diverse Reader My Solo Exchange Diary By Nagata Kabi

Title: My Solo Exchange Diary

Author: Nagata Kabi

Genre: LGBT Manga

Published: June 5, 2018

Publisher: Seven Seas

Total Pages: 168 pages

Topics Include: Depression, Suicide, Finding Yourself, Mental Illness, LGBT topics.

Amazon Synopsis: Struggling with the idea of living alone and adjusting to the effects of her previous book’s success, this follow-up to the award-winning autobiographical comic continues the author’s quest for self-acceptance and love.

Nagata Kabi is someone that I read last month for the first book in her series My Lesbian Experiences With Loneliness. She grabbed my attention with her first book that I ended up reading the second book in her series. My Solo Exchange Diary is equivalent to her diary entries where she writes to herself about important experiences that she is having. My Solo Exchange Diary is the sequel to her first book but with a twist.

My favorite line:

“To improve my own life and happiness…I have to wash my hands of the nearby despair that I can’t do anything about.”

My thoughts:

My Solo Exchange by Nagata Kabi is the second book in a series of mangas written by the author in a first person narrative. The storyline is about a young woman that trying to find herself mentally, emotionally and romantically. She is understanding that she has a mental illness but decides to create a journal where she writes entries to herself in a “solo exchange.” My Solo Exchange is similar to the first book My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness because it speaks on topics such as mental illness, sexuality, family life, and finding yourself alongside love.

The second book in Kabi’s series of mangas is slightly different because it is speaking on multiple experiences but especially ones with her family and trying to find herself outside of her family dynamic. She is acknowledging a lot more issues than the first book which made the book more detailed and more of telling multiple stories because of the multiple experiences that she spoke about in each diary entry.

I personally enjoyed the first manga My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness but I think this second manga was more for me because of the writing being more well rounded. I was able to get a beginning, middle and end. Even though the end was somewhat rushed. But, compared to the first book it seemed to have more answers than questions. The first book didn’t give me as much detail on the lesbian experience as I wanted but the second book gave me more development of her lesbian encounter.

The book did seem to rush the ending compared to the first manga. But, overall, I enjoyed the book and I think that the author gave more detail in this book especially about her everyday life and inner thoughts. I was able to see how her family life was affecting her but also saw her grow even more than the first book as a person. I would recommend this book to be read directly after reading the first manga and with an open mind.

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