Sea Prayer By Khaled Hosseini.

The Diverse Reader Sea Prayer By Khaled Hosseini Book Review

Title: Sea Prayer

Author: Khaled Hosseini

Genre: War Stories; Political Fiction

Published: August 30, 2018

Publisher: Riverhead Books

Total Pages: 105 pages

Topics Include: War, Family, and Refugees

Amazon Synopsis: A short, powerful, illustrated book written by beloved novelist Khaled Hosseini in response to the current refugee crisis, Sea Prayer is composed in the form of a letter, from a father to his son, on the eve of their journey. Watching over his sleeping son, the father reflects on the dangerous sea-crossing that lies before them. It is also a vivid portrait of their life in Homs, Syria, before the war, and of that city's swift transformation from a home into a deadly war zone. 

Impelled to write this story by the haunting image of young Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed upon the beach in Turkey in September 2015, Hosseini hopes to pay tribute to the millions of families, like Kurdi's, who have been splintered and forced from home by war and persecution, and he will donate author proceeds from this book to the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and The Khaled Hosseini Foundation to help fund lifesaving relief efforts to help refugees around the globe. 

Khaled Hosseini has been known for his books The Kite Runner, The Mountains Echoed and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Sea Prayer is an illustrated book that is inspired by the life of a young boy that was found washed up on a beach in Turkey in 2015. This book gives tribute to millions of refugees that are trying to find relief around the world. I decided to read this book and tell my thoughts on the book in detail below.

My favorite line:

“Your mother is here tonight, Marwan,

with us, on this cold and moonlit beach,

among the crying babies and

the women worrying

in tongues we don’t speak.

Afghans and Somalis and Iraqis and

Eritreans and Syrians.

All of us impatient for sunrise,

all of us in dread of it.

All of us in search of home.”

My thoughts:

Sea Prayer By Khaled Hosseini is an illustrated book that tells a story of how life has changed for refugees across the globe because of war. The story is inspired by a photo of a young boy named Alan Kurdi, that was found on the shores of Turkey in 2015. The plot of this book is about a father writing a fiction letter to his son and speaks of his country before the war changed their lives forever and the aftermath. The father and son have to go on a sea journey to safety and a new home. The story within itself is touching and emotional. This illustrated book is more of a poem or letter than a book or novella. But, overall, I absolutely loved this book and felt emotional while reading it. The illustrations and story telling were a perfect balance.

The reader can feel the pain and struggles of refugees while the father is narrating the story to his son. Hosseini did an excellent job of captivating my attention and wanting me to learn more of the story and the lives of refugees. Sea Prayer was a short illustrated book for an adult audience because it is an intense and descriptive topic. I think this book can make an impact on anyone who reads it.

While reading the story, the words and illustrations made me reflect on my life and can make readers do the same. The tone and language used can affect your mood and understanding of what someone is going through in another part of the world. By the narration being in first person and told through the voice of the father that is trying to take his son to safety made a beautiful mood for the book.

The illustrations gave the reader a vivid image of what is happening in countries dealing with war and told a story. I do not have a favorite aspect of the book because the book as a whole was thought provoking and pulled at my heart strings on every page. I had to hold back my tears as I read this powerful story. I could feel the pain of the refugees that have been affected by war in their countries. The storyline, illustrations, and words in Sea Prayer can make readers more aware of what refugees have to go through everyday. Overall, this book is something that I think everyone would enjoy and want to reread multiple times.

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