Corazon By Yesika Salgado.

The Diverse Reader Corazon By Yesika Salgado Book Review

Title: Corazon

Author: Yesika Salgado

Genre: Poetry

Published: March 1, 2018

Publisher: Not A Cult, LLC

Total Pages: 106 pages

Topics Include: Love, Family, Self Esteem, and Life Experiences

Amazon Synopsis: Corazón is a love story. It is about the constant hunger for love. It is about feeding that hunger with another person and finding that sometimes it isn’t enough. Salgado creates a world in which the heart can live anywhere; her fat brown body, her parents home country, a lover, a toothbrush, a mango, or a song. It is a celebration of heartache, of how it can ruin us, but most importantly how we always survive it and return to ourselves whole.

Yesika Salgado is a new poet that I came across while doing some book shopping. I have seen Corazon on Amazon but then was shown her book again at a bookstore. Corazon is a collection of poetry that contains Spanish and English poetry describing self love, family issues, reflection and life experiences. I decided to read this poetry book because I love poetry that contains two different languages because I feel like poetry in other languages have an even deeper meaning when in their native tongue.

My favorite poem: Blind Date

what are your poems about?

I take my time stirring my coffee. I put a forkful of guava

cake in my mouth. I sip. I think of my parents, their

country, my sisters, my dead father, my dead grandmother,

my little niece and nephew, their perfect smiles, the men

I’ve loved to gluttony, the sex in the back seats of cars

and alleyways, the dance floors with a strange mouth to

my neck, my mother’s graying hair, my overdrafted bank

account, my coffee-stained teeth, the times I’ve laughed

so hard the room spun, the moon at 3 a.m., I think of it all

and reach for the sugar. I spoon it into my cup.

mostly about me.”

My thoughts:

Corazon By Yesika Salgado is a poetry book spoke to me over the course of 100 pages while being broken down into different subjects about the poet herself. The poetry consisted of her heritage, her family, Spanish, love, self reflection and life experiences. But, most of all it spoke about everything that makes Yesika Salgado — Yesika Salgado. I enjoyed the poetry because of the honesty that she told through her words. I was able to laugh, nod in agreeance and learn something new about someone.

I think this modern poetry can relate to new adults and people that are finding more about themselves. The poetry consisted of poems that were in Spanish which I found refreshing because I was able to search for the definition in English but also felt a connection to the poet through her culture. I think the different types of writing styles was sometimes confusing but overall effective in what the poet was trying to say to the audience because of the words she used.

I think most of the experiences that Salgado presented in her poetry most people can relate to because she made the audience feel connected through the common experiences she spoke about in her poetry. There were maybe a handful of poems that I did not connect to but overall I enjoyed this short book of poetry. Corazon was engaging, gave me insight and made me want to keep reading after I finished a poem. I believe people would enjoy this poetry book by keeping in mind that this book featured modern poetry writing style with a splash of culture, humor, life experiences and love.

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